Relief Pain at the office with Biofreeze®

by in Health Tips 25th February 2020

Do you pack the topical analgesic Biofreeze® in your office bag? If not, you should probably start today!

Most employees spent a significant amount of time on their office chair, working in front of a desk. Frequently, this causes several problems with back and shoulder pain which is an outcome of the poor posture during work. Specifically, a poor posture while sitting can cause a number of problems such as:

  • Poor joint alignment
  • General muscle/head aches
  • Increased shear forces within the spine effecting disc integrity
  • Compression of disc and joint structures
  • Compression/reduced space for nerves to course through the body
  • Reduced blood flow to muscles resulting in increased fatigue
  • Overuse injuries

The best solution to avoid these problems, is to have a good standing posture while sitting. However, under extra work load and stress remembering to maintain a good posture can be the last thing in our minds. Biofreeze® can help to relief pain effectively at the office by applying it directly on the affected area. Furthermore, as a study indicates* the use of Biofreeze® at the office before a therapeutic massage had more immediate and fast results on employees with shoulder pain in comparison with the employees that didn’t apply Biofreeze®.

Therefore, by applying Biofreeze® during office hours – especially in combination with after work physiotherapy sessions – can help you overcome pain caused by poor sitting posture. Moreover, all different Biofreeze® forms (Gel, Roll-on, Spray) can be easily found in pharmacies all over Cyprus and they can be carried around conveniently, as a result of their package size.

Find which Biofreeze form suits you better according to the specific body part you need to apply it on:


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