How can Biofreeze help your patients dedicate to rehabilitation programs

by in Health Tips 7th July 2020

Whether you are a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, podiatrist or any other kind of healthcare professional, you’ve chosen to make your living by caring for others. However, caring for your patients is not enough when it comes to effective recovery and the success of a recovery/rehabilitation program. It also requires a level of dedication from the patient, who sometimes might feel a little bit overwhelmed and not willing to give 100% of his/her on the program. This is happening mostly with injuries and conditions on the body that are affecting the psychological wellbeing of the patient and as a result they ‘give up’ without realising it.

A good way to help your patients dedicate to their rehabilitation program is by offering them the right tools, which can help them take care of their selves – and their condition or injury – in their daily lives. Such a tool is the topical analgesic Biofreeze.

Why Biofreeze?

First of all, Biofreeze is an Over-The-Counter topical analgesic, which means your patients will be able to buy it from pharmacies all over Cyprus without a prescription. Also, as a healthcare professional, you can have a stock of Biofreeze at your office in order to make it even easier for your patients to find Biofreeze.

Moreover, Biofreeze offers long-lasting pain relief, thanks to its menthol-based formula and the ILEX paraguariensis extract, which delays the vaporisation of menthol. Therefore, Biofreeze is “Portable Pain Relief” that offers the beneficial properties of cryotherapy for a long amount of time (up to 6 hours). Also, is available in 3 different forms: Gel (118ml), Roll-on (89ml) and Spray (118ml). Patients can choose the right form for them according to their preferences, injury body part and type of condition.

How can Biofreeze extent the level of care?

Biofreeze has been created to help people manage and overcome their pain, which means it can help your patients to improve the quality of their lives through pain management, by just applying Biofreeze 3 times per day on the affected area. In other words, Biofreeze is not only an effective pain reliever, but it is also easy to apply and carry around. Therefore, it is easier for them to apply it consistently and as a result feel better about rehabilitation programs.

Also, the extent of care can be enhanced with the necessary education before patients start using it. Specifically, your patients will need to know how Biofreeze can help them. For example, show them something the chart below, which shows each Biofreeze form and which body part is more suitable for.

Additionaly, follow this formula to extent the level of care:

  • Choose products you can trust and believe in.
  • Use Biofreeze Pain Reliever before, during, and/or after treatments.
  • Teach your patients about the benefits of Biofreeze Pain Reliever and why you are applying it.
  • Recommend that your patients purchase Biofreeze Pain Reliever products for use at home and on-the-go.
  • Empower your patients to manage their care outside your clinic.

Extending the level of care for your patients is as important as the care you provide as a healthcare professional. By using Biofreeze as a dedication tool for rehabilitation programs can have a positive impact on the success of those programs.

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