Hands-free Application with Biofreeze Roll-on & Spray

by in Health Tips 3rd December 2019

The majority of people are aware of the topical analgesic gels, but how much do people actually know about other forms of topical analgesics?

Particularly, the beneficial Biofreeze formula can be found in three different forms: Biofreeze Gel (118ml), Biofreeze Roll-on (89ml), and Biofreeze Spray (118ml). Have in mind that, all three forms contain the same effective pain relief and long-lasting benefits offered by the menthol based Biofreeze formula. Therefore, they can be used to treat backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, bruises and so on.

However, each form is better suited for specific occasions. For example, Biofreeze Gel is well-fitted for hands-on massage applications, especially on larger muscle areas.

When it comes to the Biofreeze Roll-on, it allows hands-free application, while the roller ball can be used to massage the injured area in order to stimulate trigger point on painful muscles. Also, it is well-suited for application on joints and smaller areas. As for the Biofreeze Spray, is fitted for 360° hands-free application, especially on hard to reach areas and it’s particularly beneficial for conditions involving muscle strains of the lower back, the upper back, and neck.

What is amazing about these two Biofreeze forms (Roll-on & Spray), is that you can easily apply them on the move. Specifically, they can be easily applied during work-out and training to help you move limitless. Also, they are very convenient to carry and apply while you are on the go or traveling. Moreover, they are suitable for application during a match or a race.

Biofreeze Roll-on, Spray & Gel are available at pharmacies all over Cyprus!

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