Cold Therapy vs Hot Therapy

by in Recovery Tips 11th February 2020

Both cold therapy or cryotherapy and hot therapy or thermotherapy, are able to relieve acute, chronic, and postoperative pain. Both methods are easy and safe self-treatment options for many common injuries and musculoskeletal conditions and can stimulate healing after vigorous exercise. However, each therapy is better suited for specific situations.

The main difference between the two methods is that cryotherapy reduces blood flow, whereas thermotherapy increases blood flow!

Therefore, cryotherapy is better suited for injuries and physical conditions that are characterised from redness, swelling, hot skin, and pain. That is why Biofreeze is highly recommended for exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) that can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Biofreeze is also suitable for:

  • osteoarthritis
  • recent injuries
  • gout
  • strains
  • tendinitis, or irritation in the tendons following activity

Biofreeze provides fast acting pain relief from Arthritis, Sore Muscles, Joints and Backache!

On the contrary thermotherapy is suitable for situations where is necessary to increase the blood flow to the injured area, such us more chronic-type pain. Generally, hot therapy helps muscles relax but is less suitable for recent injuries and cases where:

  • the skin is hot, red or inflamed
  • the person has dermatitis or an open wound
  • the area is numb
  • the person may be insensitive to heat due to peripheral neuropathy or a similar condition

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