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Cold Therapy vs Hot Therapy

by 11th February 2020

Both cold therapy or cryotherapy and hot therapy or thermotherapy, are able to relieve acute, chronic, and postoperative pain. Both methods are easy and safe self-treatment options for many common injuries and musculoskeletal conditions and can stimulate healing after vigorous exercise. However, each therapy is better suited for specific situations.

The main difference between the two methods is that cryotherapy reduces blood flow, whereas thermotherapy increases blood flow!

Therefore, cryotherapy is better suited for injuries and physical conditions that are characterised from redness, swelling, hot skin, and pain. That is why Biofreeze is highly recommended for exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) that can lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Biofreeze is also suitable for:

  • osteoarthritis
  • recent injuries
  • gout
  • strains
  • tendinitis, or irritation in the tendons following activity

Biofreeze provides fast acting pain relief from Arthritis, Sore Muscles, Joints and Backache!

On the contrary thermotherapy is suitable for situations where is necessary to increase the blood flow to the injured area, such us more chronic-type pain. Generally, hot therapy helps muscles relax but is less suitable for recent injuries and cases where:

  • the skin is hot, red or inflamed
  • the person has dermatitis or an open wound
  • the area is numb
  • the person may be insensitive to heat due to peripheral neuropathy or a similar condition

Biofreeze Gel vs Placebo Gel

by 28th January 2020

Researchers use placebos during studies to help them understand what effect a drug or some other treatment might have on a particular condition. A study from Topp et al. in 2017*, used this method in order to determine whether Biofreeze Gel is actually effective, especially when it comes to mechanical neck pain. The results? Biofreeze Gel actually works!

The study pointed out that the group which applied the topical menthol gel – Biofreeze, felt a significant reduction in neck pain in comparison with the group that applied the placebo gel. 

Yes it works!

“This reduction in neck pain resulting from topically applied menthol is consistent with previous studies which reported that topical menthol reduces neck pain.”

(Topp et al., 2017)

Therefore the study suggests that practitioners may wish to apply the topical menthol based analgesic Biofreeze Gel, before neck manipulation in order to reduce post-manipulation pain. Biofreeze contains 3.5% menthol as the active ingredient which is responsible for reducing effectively the pain when applied on the pain area. However, Biofreeze can also be applied in a number of musculoskeletal conditions.  

According to the researchers, other studies have indicated that Biofreeze menthol topical analgesic found effective also on decreasing pain from acute ankle sprains, chronic lower back pain, and delayed muscle soreness.   


The Benefits of Biofreeze

by 15th January 2020

Joint pain and muscle soreness are only some of the most common conditions that Biofreeze can be applied on. However, some people choose to treat these conditions by using pharmaceutical drugs (e.g. painkillers), in order to relieve pain which lasts for a short-term period. Once a drug’s effect wears off (usually up to 8 hours) the pain returns, without actually treating the pain problem properly. 

The topical analgesic Biofreeze can both, help you relieve pain and support the recovery process not only for sports injuries, but also for common daily injuries. That is, because Biofreeze products are applied directly on the pain spots and relief pain on a specific area immediately. Also, thanks to the menthol based formula of Biofreeze products are able to relax muscles faster and reduce the metabolic demand for the tissues. 

Biofreeze provides relief from numerous forms of injuries and ailments such as:

  •  Shoulder and arm discomfort
  •  Back pain
  •  Arthritis pain
  •  Painful joints
  •  Ankle or foot pain
  •  Muscle soreness or strain
  •  Sports injuries

Biofreeze can also help people with chronic pain conditions which cannot be cured – such as arthritis – since Biofreeze doesn’t have the side effects that pain killers usually have, such as dizziness, tiredness and stomach pain.

Hands-free Application with Biofreeze Roll-on & Spray

by 3rd December 2019

The majority of people are aware of the topical analgesic gels, but how much do people actually know about other forms of topical analgesics?

Particularly, the beneficial Biofreeze formula can be found in three different forms: Biofreeze Gel (118ml), Biofreeze Roll-on (89ml), and Biofreeze Spray (118ml). Have in mind that, all three forms contain the same effective pain relief and long-lasting benefits offered by the menthol based Biofreeze formula. Therefore, they can be used to treat backaches, arthritis, sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains, bruises and so on.

However, each form is better suited for specific occasions. For example, Biofreeze Gel is well-fitted for hands-on massage applications, especially on larger muscle areas.

When it comes to the Biofreeze Roll-on, it allows hands-free application, while the roller ball can be used to massage the injured area in order to stimulate trigger point on painful muscles. Also, it is well-suited for application on joints and smaller areas. As for the Biofreeze Spray, is fitted for 360° hands-free application, especially on hard to reach areas and it’s particularly beneficial for conditions involving muscle strains of the lower back, the upper back, and neck.

What is amazing about these two Biofreeze forms (Roll-on & Spray), is that you can easily apply them on the move. Specifically, they can be easily applied during work-out and training to help you move limitless. Also, they are very convenient to carry and apply while you are on the go or traveling. Moreover, they are suitable for application during a match or a race.

Biofreeze Roll-on, Spray & Gel are available at pharmacies all over Cyprus!

Clinical Study: Biofreeze vs Ice

by 19th October 2019

Some people might wonder “Why should I buy Biofreeze instead of applying ice on my injuries and pain spots?”. Luckily for you, we don’t only have the answer, but it is also scientifically confirmed. According to a study conducted in 2012* regarding the effectiveness of topical-based analgesic compared to ice on Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), Biofreeze products appear to be more effective than ice for relieving soreness associated with DOMS while at rest or during muscle contractions.

Except for the fact that Biofreeze relieves pain faster and more effectively, it also lacks the irritations that ice causes when applied directly to the skin. Specifically, the participants have reported experiencing stiffness, skin irritation and numbness during the application of ice, whereas Biofreeze topical-analgesic didn’t cause these irritations.  

Biofreeze beats Ice!

Ice reduces pain but it doesn’t reduce swelling. Biofreeze causes a better response than ice, faster. You’re also less likely to experience stiffness, skin irritation, temporary pain and numbness, and the inactivity required during application as you would with ice.

Moreover, Biofreeze can be applied while on the move and during exercise, contrary to ice application where the person must be inactive. Particularly, the menthol based topical analgesic is: firstly applied easier on the pain spot without requiring the person to stay still, and secondly, it reduces pain almost immediately, which means that the person gets to proceed right away to recovery exercises. Also, the greater tetanic force with the menthol analgesic might suggest that more intense or aggressive muscle stimulation therapy during rehabilitation might be possible with such a therapeutic agent (Johar, et al., 2012).


The Clinical Effectiveness of Biofreeze

by 19th October 2019

Biofreeze Products are topical analgesic products used to reduce pain in musculoskeletal conditions. Biofreeze pain reduction mechanism is based on the cryotherapy method, which helps people to treat musculoskeletal injuries and pain. Specifically, when the cold source – Biofreeze – is applied to the pain spot, the brain stimulates the cold receptors of the body which are blocking the pain and cause pain relief.

According to a systematic review of studies contacted in 2017 by Page P. and Alexander L., Biofreeze has been shown to effectively reduce pain at both statistically and clinically significant levels in a variety of musculoskeletal pain conditions. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), knee, back, neck, and hand pain are only some conditions where Biofreeze can be used, in order to relieve pain.

Biofreeze effectiveness is an outcome of the curative properties of menthol. Menthol is the main ingredient constituting the Biofreeze formula and is an organic compound that can be obtained from the oils produced from mint leaves. Menthol has the ability to chemically trigger the col-sensitive receptors in the skin, resulting in a cooling sensation.  

In other words, using Biofreeze will provide you with immediate pain relief from many common conditions such as arthritis and other causes of muscle and joint pain.


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