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How can Biofreeze help your patients dedicate to rehabilitation programs

by 7th July 2020

Whether you are a chiropractor, massage therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, podiatrist or any other kind of healthcare professional, you’ve chosen to make your living by caring for others. However, caring for your patients is not enough when it comes to effective recovery and the success of a recovery/rehabilitation program. It also requires a level of dedication from the patient, who sometimes might feel a little bit overwhelmed and not willing to give 100% of his/her on the program. This is happening mostly with injuries and conditions on the body that are affecting the psychological wellbeing of the patient and as a result they ‘give up’ without realising it.

A good way to help your patients dedicate to their rehabilitation program is by offering them the right tools, which can help them take care of their selves – and their condition or injury – in their daily lives. Such a tool is the topical analgesic Biofreeze.

Why Biofreeze?

First of all, Biofreeze is an Over-The-Counter topical analgesic, which means your patients will be able to buy it from pharmacies all over Cyprus without a prescription. Also, as a healthcare professional, you can have a stock of Biofreeze at your office in order to make it even easier for your patients to find Biofreeze.

Moreover, Biofreeze offers long-lasting pain relief, thanks to its menthol-based formula and the ILEX paraguariensis extract, which delays the vaporisation of menthol. Therefore, Biofreeze is “Portable Pain Relief” that offers the beneficial properties of cryotherapy for a long amount of time (up to 6 hours). Also, is available in 3 different forms: Gel (118ml), Roll-on (89ml) and Spray (118ml). Patients can choose the right form for them according to their preferences, injury body part and type of condition.

How can Biofreeze extent the level of care?

Biofreeze has been created to help people manage and overcome their pain, which means it can help your patients to improve the quality of their lives through pain management, by just applying Biofreeze 3 times per day on the affected area. In other words, Biofreeze is not only an effective pain reliever, but it is also easy to apply and carry around. Therefore, it is easier for them to apply it consistently and as a result feel better about rehabilitation programs.

Also, the extent of care can be enhanced with the necessary education before patients start using it. Specifically, your patients will need to know how Biofreeze can help them. For example, show them something the chart below, which shows each Biofreeze form and which body part is more suitable for.

Additionaly, follow this formula to extent the level of care:

  • Choose products you can trust and believe in.
  • Use Biofreeze Pain Reliever before, during, and/or after treatments.
  • Teach your patients about the benefits of Biofreeze Pain Reliever and why you are applying it.
  • Recommend that your patients purchase Biofreeze Pain Reliever products for use at home and on-the-go.
  • Empower your patients to manage their care outside your clinic.

Extending the level of care for your patients is as important as the care you provide as a healthcare professional. By using Biofreeze as a dedication tool for rehabilitation programs can have a positive impact on the success of those programs.

Move Limitless with Biofreeze Spray & Theraband Kinesiology Tape

by 26th June 2020

The menthol based Biofreeze formula in combination with Theraband Kinesiology Tape can get you back to your feet fast and help you move limitless!

Theraband Kinesiology Tape has the ability to support muscles and joints and provide pain relief, while it lasts up to five days and it can be used for a variety of injuries on different body parts. What makes kinesiology tape great is that it doesn’t restrict you from moving while wearing it. Thanks to its exclusive XactStretch™ Technology the Theraband kinesiology tape is really flexible like skin. Also, because it is not made from rubber latex, it doesn’t irritate the skin while wearing it.

Additionally, the Biofreeze menthol-based formula is offering the beneficial properties of cryotherapy. Specifically, menthol stimulates cold receptors which are blocking the pain signal from reaching the brain and therefore relieves pain effectively.

After applying Theraband Kinesiology Tape, also apply Biofreeze spray on and around the tape (i.e. pain spot), in order to relieve pain effectively, make the recovery process faster and keep you moving.

Watch the video “How to Use Kinesiology Tape and Biofreeze Together” to apply them correct:

And get ready to Break Your Limits!

ILEX – The Ingredient for Maximised Results

by 9th June 2020

BIOFREEZE is the only topical analgesic which relieves pain with Ilex Paraguarensis, since ILEX is part of the BIOFREEZE formula!

What is Ilex Paraguarensis and its effect?

ILEX is a herbal extract, obtained from a South American holly shrub. The ILEX extract contains minerals (i.e. essential nutrients) such as potassium, magnesium and manganese. Generally, this extract is used to make medicine and among others is able to treat joint pain and swelling.

Specifically, ILEX extends the properties of the three analgesics contained in the Biofreeze formula. This results in a deep, long-lasting pain relief period (up to 6 hours) and acceleration of the basic healing process through relaxation of stiff, aching muscles. This is happening mostly because ilex delays the vaporization of menthol when applied on the pain spots. Menthol, as the main ingredient of the Biofreeze formula, has the ability to trigger the cold-sensitive receptors and relieve pain. Therefore, by delaying its evaporation the pain relief effects are maximised along with other advantages offered by applying Biofreeze.

Consequently by applying Biofreeze on:

  • Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains
  • Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain
  • Arthritis and Tendonitis
  • Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints
  • Muscular Strains
  • DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  • and other conditions and types of injuries

the users receive pain relief within minutes and after 2-3 applications in the day, they are able to feel Biofreze’s maximum benefits.

Get your Biofreeze and experience the beneficial properties of cryotherapy!
Available in pharmacies all over Cyprus in 3 forms:
Gel | Roll-on | Spray

Summer Outdoor Workout Solutions

by 28th May 2020

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature has already started to rise. The heat in Cyprus during summer months, sometimes can be unbearable especially when you want to workout outdoors. However, the fitness enthusiasts around the island are not giving up and are ready to level up their workout plans during the heat of summer.

Biofreeze Cyprus has some simple, yet useful outdoor workout solutions to keep you working out safely during summer months!

Choose the right time and clothing

During the summer months choosing the right time to workout outdoors is critical. Specifically, avoid exercising during hours where the sun is at a high position and the temperature is higher. This is because, working out under extreme heat can cause you several problems such as heat stroke, sunburns and dehydration, whereas you will probably notice a significant drop in your performance. Therefore, it is important to choose the time wisely; this is either earlier in the morning (6 a.m. – 7 a.m.) or later in the evening (6:30 p.m. or later). Also, what can help you choose the right time is checking the daily and hourly forecast. This can help you plan your outdoors workout accordingly, by avoiding going out when the temperature and UV Index are high.

Also, important is the clothing you choose to wear while working out outdoors. Wearing any shorts and any short-sleeve or sleeveless shirt won’t do. You have to also have in mind that the fabric and color of your clothing matters. Regarding the fabric, you will need a breathable and lightweight material, able to evaporate the sweat. Bamboo, nylon, lycra or polyester are the most suitable fabrics for activewear clothing and effective when it comes to heat. Moreover, avoid wearing dark colors; on the contrary, prefer to wear light-colored clothes to reflect the heat rather than absorb it.   

Stay hydrated

This is probably one of the most important things to have in mind. Hydration is generally important, however during summer months is becoming more critical since our organism tends to dehydrate more easily and needs more water. Make sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water before exercising and also 1-2 glasses immediately after you finish exercising. It is also important to keep drinking water while working out, without waiting to feel thirsty. This is because while exercising in the summer heat your body uses water to regulate your temperature and being low on fluids means you can’t perform optimally. Also, avoid drinking caffeine drinks before working out, because caffeine can cause more fluid-lose and make you dehydrated. Moreover, you will probably need something more than water to recover from your summer workout sessions, the reason being high temperatures mean more sweat and therefore major electrolyte-loss. Consequently, consider increasing your electrolyte intake with proper foods or drinks.  

Think about Alternatives

Working out outdoors has many benefits, especially for your mental health, however, during summer months, it might be wise to switch to indoors (air-conditioned) workout, especially during heatwave periods. On days where the temperature is more high than usual is better to avoid working out outdoors, after all, you can perform a number of simple exercises at home without any equipment. Moreover, part of your alternatives can be going to the beach for swimming and aquatic fitness which are very beneficial types of workout. You can also head to the mountains for hiking and trail walking.

Use Biofreeze!

Last but not least, use Biofreeze! Except for the fact that Biofreeze can help you prevent and overcome injuries, it also offers a cooling effect that feels really good on the skin while working out under hot temperatures. The menthol-based formula of Biofreeze is able to make you feel your skin more breathable especially if you are running or cycling, it can kame a real difference when applied directly on your legs. Furthermore, it is really good to carry with you the Biofreeze spray in order to apply it while working out; this can help you keep moving and can have a real effect on your performance.

❄️Stay Cool with Biofreeze during summer months!

How can Biofreeze help Boost your Running

by 16th May 2020

Runners usually like challenges, especially when it comes to challenge their own limits and push themselves to improve their running capabilities. Yet, sometimes they might fall in the trap of keep pushing and forgetting one of the most important things that can make them stronger and faster: RECOVERY.

Especially, when it comes to long-distance running, and longer and harder training sessions a topical analgesic, such as the #1 clinically recommended Biofreeze, can facilitate recovery and also prevent injuries, to begin with.

Biofreeze: Your Running Booster

Many runners worldwide have come to call Biofreeze “the secret weapon for pre, during and post-race”. Biofreeze helps runners to overcome pain and muscle soreness effectively, therefore is keeping them on the move and enables them to Break their Limits. The secret behind its effect, is the menthol-based formula of Biofreeze which is offering the beneficial properties of Cryotherapy. Also, as the only topical analgesic with ILEX herbal extract which delays the vaporization of menthol, makes Biofreeze a long-lasting pain reliever that accelerates the basic healing process through relaxation of stiff-aching muscles.

Moreover, Biofreeze is applied directly on the skin and targets the area that causes pain accurately. This is extremely helpful during distance running races, where is more likely to experience muscle pain while trying to reach the best performance. By applying Biofreeze on the move – usually with the use of Biofreeze Spray – runners are able to keep up their game during races by overcoming pain.

However, Biofreeze is not only good for race day use, it is also a valuable partner while working-out and training. Using Biofreeze before and after work-out and training can help prevent injuries, since it works to prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is a very common type of muscle pain which occurs a day or two after work out, which can cause falling back to your training program if not treated ahead of time.

Therefore, Biofreeze can help runners boost their Running Performance by treating and preventing muscle soreness and stiffness. It can be found in pharmacies all over Cyprus in three forms: Spray, Roll-on and Gel.

Make it part of your recovery process and daily training program, experience the Biofreeze benefits and Break Your Limits!

3 Exercises to Easily Perform at Home – Part 2

by 27th April 2020

We hope you enjoyed and found helpful our previous exercise blog article. Working out from home is not easy for everyone since some people might need an extra push and the right support. Biofreeze Cyprus is here to support you during these difficult times and remind you that exercising can also be beneficial for your psychological well-being.

Are you ready for another set of 3 easy-to-perform exercises at home?
Let’s Get started!


Difficulty: Beginner
Works: Back, Chest

Even though the Cat-Cow is a yoga pose, generally it is an excellent pose to warm-up your body before getting into any physical activity. Also, it is important to combine your breath to movement in order to feel all the benefits of this exercise.

  1. Starting position: Kneel on an exercise mat (or floor), position your knees and feet hip-width apart, with your toes pointing towards your body. Position your arms under your shoulders at shoulder-width, with your hands facing forward.
  2. Upward-Cat Phase: On exhale contract your abdominal muscles, pushing your spine upwards. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Downward-Cow Phase: On inhale let your stomach fall towards the floor and allow your shoulder blades to fall together. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds.

Bodyweight Squat

Difficulty: Beginner
Works: Abs, Butt/Hips, Legs – Calves and Shins, Legs – Thighs

Bodyweight Squats is one of the most important exercises that everyone should include in their work out routine, considering that it works several groups of muscles with just one exercise. With this exercise, you will be able to increase your mobility and strength, while improving your overall posture.

  1. Starting Position: Stand with your feet slighter wider than hip-width, with your toes turned slightly outwards. Pull in your lower abs and keep your eyes forward. You can extend your arms in front of you at 90° or keep them together slightly bent in front of your chest.
  2. Downward phase: Shift your hips backwards and slowly bend your knees while dropping your hips to lower your body. Keep your heels flat on the floor.
  3. Go as lower as you can and pause for a moment before getting back up
  4. Upward phase: Maintain your back, chest and head-up position, and extend the hips and knees by pushing your feet into the floor through your heels. The hips and torso need to rise together while keeping the heels flat on the floor. Continue extending until you reach your starting position.
  5. Perform 3 sets of 10-13 repeats 

*During the exercise make sure that your knees are not overpassing your toes and keep your spine straight.


Difficulty: Beginner
Works: Abs

Another fundamental exercise is the Crunch. This exercise is designed to tone and strengthen the core muscles of the body. It is also suitable for improving the posture and increasing the mobility and flexibility of the muscles.

  1. Starting Position: Lie on your back on an exercise mat (or floor) with your knees bent and your hands placed immediately behind the head or across the chest region.
  2. Upward Phase: Exhale while curling your torso towards your thighs. Keep your neck relaxed and your chin up.
  3. Downward Phase: Inhale and slowly lower your torso back towards the mat (or floor) by keeping your back flattened.
  4. Perform 3 sets of 10-13 repeats

Remember to perform all the steps of each exercise correctly and do not compromise good form. Also, don’t forget to apply Biofreeze after the exercises and in the following days if you experience muscle stiffness or mild muscle aches.

Stay tuned for more “Stay Strong with Biofreeze Cyprus at home” exercises!

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