Biofreeze Gel vs Placebo Gel

by in Clinical Studies 28th January 2020

Researchers use placebos during studies to help them understand what effect a drug or some other treatment might have on a particular condition. A study from Topp et al. in 2017*, used this method in order to determine whether Biofreeze Gel is actually effective, especially when it comes to mechanical neck pain. The results? Biofreeze Gel actually works!

The study pointed out that the group which applied the topical menthol gel – Biofreeze, felt a significant reduction in neck pain in comparison with the group that applied the placebo gel. 

Yes it works!

“This reduction in neck pain resulting from topically applied menthol is consistent with previous studies which reported that topical menthol reduces neck pain.”

(Topp et al., 2017)

Therefore the study suggests that practitioners may wish to apply the topical menthol based analgesic Biofreeze Gel, before neck manipulation in order to reduce post-manipulation pain. Biofreeze contains 3.5% menthol as the active ingredient which is responsible for reducing effectively the pain when applied on the pain area. However, Biofreeze can also be applied in a number of musculoskeletal conditions.  

According to the researchers, other studies have indicated that Biofreeze menthol topical analgesic found effective also on decreasing pain from acute ankle sprains, chronic lower back pain, and delayed muscle soreness.   


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