How can Biofreeze help Boost your Running

by in Recovery Tips 16th May 2020

Runners usually like challenges, especially when it comes to challenge their own limits and push themselves to improve their running capabilities. Yet, sometimes they might fall in the trap of keep pushing and forgetting one of the most important things that can make them stronger and faster: RECOVERY.

Especially, when it comes to long-distance running, and longer and harder training sessions a topical analgesic, such as the #1 clinically recommended Biofreeze, can facilitate recovery and also prevent injuries, to begin with.

Biofreeze: Your Running Booster

Many runners worldwide have come to call Biofreeze “the secret weapon for pre, during and post-race”. Biofreeze helps runners to overcome pain and muscle soreness effectively, therefore is keeping them on the move and enables them to Break their Limits. The secret behind its effect, is the menthol-based formula of Biofreeze which is offering the beneficial properties of Cryotherapy. Also, as the only topical analgesic with ILEX herbal extract which delays the vaporization of menthol, makes Biofreeze a long-lasting pain reliever that accelerates the basic healing process through relaxation of stiff-aching muscles.

Moreover, Biofreeze is applied directly on the skin and targets the area that causes pain accurately. This is extremely helpful during distance running races, where is more likely to experience muscle pain while trying to reach the best performance. By applying Biofreeze on the move – usually with the use of Biofreeze Spray – runners are able to keep up their game during races by overcoming pain.

However, Biofreeze is not only good for race day use, it is also a valuable partner while working-out and training. Using Biofreeze before and after work-out and training can help prevent injuries, since it works to prevent Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS is a very common type of muscle pain which occurs a day or two after work out, which can cause falling back to your training program if not treated ahead of time.

Therefore, Biofreeze can help runners boost their Running Performance by treating and preventing muscle soreness and stiffness. It can be found in pharmacies all over Cyprus in three forms: Spray, Roll-on and Gel.

Make it part of your recovery process and daily training program, experience the Biofreeze benefits and Break Your Limits!

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