4 Reasons to pack Biofreeze in your suitcase

by in Health Tips 7th August 2020

August is usually the summer month, where most people take their time off to go on vacations. Some people choose to spend quality time with their family, others to just relax by the pool or beach, and others to go on an adventure and discover new places. No matter what type of vacations you choose, you are willing to make the most out of it, which sometimes might get difficult due to unexpected injuries, muscle soreness and so on.

That is why we would advise you to pack your favourite Biofreeze in your suitcase by giving you 4 reasons to do so!

The transportation process

There are several ways to travel to a destination, it might be a car, the bus or an airplane if you are travelling abroad. No matter the type of transportation or even the time it takes to reach your destination, you are required to remain seated probably for more than half an hour. Then when you have to get up again it just feels weird; sore muscles, probably pain at the lower back and spine, even your neck might experience some discomfort. Of course, you don’t want to spend the first day of your vacations with these unpleasant feelings, which can really spoil your enjoyment. That is why applying Biofreeze beforehand and carrying it with you can really make a difference. Firstly, make sure to apply Biofreeze 10-15 minutes before your trip, then apply some more in the middle of the trip and when you reach your destination. Also, make sure to apply it on body parts that you know they need it the most. For example, if your legs are becoming numb easily or your back and neck experience soreness often, you should definitely apply Biofreeze on these areas.

Unexpected injuries and soreness

Let’s be honest, anything unexpected can happen while being on vacations. You are out of your daily routine and setting, probably getting involved in activities that are not regular in your daily life and away from the comfort of your home. Our bodies sometimes might react when something is new to them, a different kind of activity, a sudden move or repeated moves that might cause minor injuries and soreness. By having Biofreeze packed in your suitcase you can treat these kinds of pain immediately and effectively. Especially, during this warm month experiencing the beneficial properties of cryotherapy by applying Biofreeze, can have a great effect on the affected areas and on your skin.

Keep moving limitless

Many people choose to spend their vacations in an active way, such as hiking, water sports, sightseeing and fishing. If you are one of these people then you definitely need to pack Biofreeze in your suitcase. Applying Biofreeze before, during and after these activities can really make a difference in your vacation planning and keep you moving. Particularly, Biofreeze is able to ‘power-up’ your muscles and joints, with the menthol cooling signal blocking the pain signal from reaching the brain.

Easy to carry around

This might seem quite obvious, but its size and packaging are some reasons that make Biofreeze so great. You can carry it and use it easily everywhere! Biofreeze topical analgesic is available in three forms Gel (118ml), Roll-on (89ml) and Spray (118ml). These forms are in space-saving sizes that can be easily be fitted in your suitcase, back bag or bag and you will have a ‘Portable Pain Reliever’ any time you need it. Also, it is easy to buy, since all forms are available in pharmacies all over Cyprus and you don’t need a prescription.

Don’t Limit Yourself!
Break You Limits during your vacations with Biofreeze!

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